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To clone one of these trees using GIT:
   git clone git://<project>
or if you cannot use the git protocol due to firewall restrictions:
   git clone<project>

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
ael.git ARM Embedded Linux Catalin Marinas 3 years ago
arm-blm.git ARM big.LITTLE migration Dietmar Eggemann 3 years ago
arm-bls.git ARM big.LITTLE systems Liviu Dudau 2 years ago
arm-dts.git ARM platforms DTS files Pawel Moll 6 months ago
armdroid.git Android Vasileios Laganakos 20 months ago
boot-wrapper-aarch64.git AArch64 Linux boot wrapper Mark Rutland 9 months ago
boot-wrapper.git Simple Linux boot wrapper Catalin Marinas 2 years ago
kvmtool.git Stand-alone kvmtool Andre Przywara 6 weeks ago
linux-2.6-armdroid.git Android kernel Vasileios Laganakos 17 months ago
linux-2.6-lp.git Lorenzo Pieralisi's kernel Lorenzo Pieralisi 9 months ago
linux-2.6-maz.git Marc Zyngier's kernel Marc Zyngier 3 years ago
linux-2.6-stable.git Stable ARM kernel releases Catalin Marinas 4 years ago
linux-2.6-wd.git Will Deacon's kernel Will Deacon No commits
linux-2.6.git Catalin Marinas' kernel Catalin Marinas 2 years ago
linux-aarch64-gem5.git AArch64 Linux gem5 support Chris Emmons 7 months ago
linux-ap.git Andre Przywara's kernel Andre Przywara 7 weeks ago
linux-ja.git Jonathan Austin's kernel Jonathan Austin 13 months ago
linux-ld.git Liviu Dudau's kernel Liviu Dudau 3 months ago
linux-linaro-tracking-gem5.git Linux gem5 support Chris Emmons 7 months ago
linux-mr.git Mark Rutland's kernel Mark Rutland 13 months ago
linux-power.git Linux power scheduler implemen... Morten Rasmussen 2 weeks ago
linux-rm.git Robin Murphy's kernel Robin Murphy 13 days ago
linux-skn.git Sudeep KarkadaNagesha's kernel Sudeep Holla 7 days ago
linux-skp.git Suzuki K. Poulose's kernel Suzuki K. Poulose 2 weeks ago
linux-thermal.git Linux thermal framework enhanc... Javi Merino 2 months ago
u-boot-armdev.git U-Boot tree Peter Pearse 4 years ago